Please check the AD ASTRA band page for all updates...Thanks!!

July 17th, 2011 - Our last show with David Penna will be on Friday, August 5th- Check out the shows page for venue info.   It is with great sadness that we announce Dave's departure form the band.  We wish him much luck and success as he focuses on his writing.  Can't wait to hear it Dave!  In the meantime, we're looking for a drummer...know anybody?!

March 15th, 2011 - Check out the shows page for a bunch of live gigs already booked through the spring and summer!  We're psyched to be out there playing regularly!

February 20th, 2011 - We have a couple of shows lined up with the incomparable Chick Corea/Return to Forever cover band SCOGEOJAM.  This Saturday, February 26th at Zebra Club in Copiague, NY and Wednesday, March 30th at KJ Farrell's in Bellmore, NY.  Check out the SHOWS page for more info.

October 22nd, 2010  - We have a couple of gigs booked and are looking forward to get back out there.  First up is our debut Manhattan gig, Friday, October 29th, 9PM at Desmond's Tavern.  Click here for venue information.  
Next up is a Long Island show at the Zebra Club, Copiague, NY on Saturday, November 20th, 10PM.  Click here for venue information.

August 9th, 2009 - Thanks to all who came out to our CD release party show last month.  We had a great turn-out with people coming all the way out from South Jersey and Connecticut.  Our next show is scheduled for Friday, August 28th at The Wave in Patchogue, NY.  Click here for more info.

June 1st, 2009 - We've finally mustered up some time from our busy lives to get together for sporadic rehearsals and will be doing our first live show in over three years!  The CD release party celebrating the long awaited release of "AD ASTRA" will be Friday, July 10th at Whoville in Bethpage, NY featuring two sets of material from "AD ASTRA" and "Joe Nardulli".  For more details, check out the shows page.

February 13th, 2009 - The long awaited release of Celestial Oeuvre's second CD "This Mortal Coil" is being released today on famed progressive rock label Unicorn Records.  I was invited to do all the lead guitar work on this stunning band's sophomore release.  Click here for details and here for MP3 samples

November 7th, 2008 - AD ASTRA feature/interview this afternoon on Randy Allar's "The Fusion Show" Friday afternoon, November 17th from 1 - 3 PM EST on WCSB radio 89.3FM Cleveland, live streaming  We are very honored to be featured on Randy's highly esteemed radio show with listeners spanning the globe.

October 13th, 2008 -  AD ASTRA feature/interview TONIGHT @ 8PM EST on Delicious Agony Progressive Rock Radio!  Tune in to  Listen to the MP3 archive here.

July 23rd, 2008 - The update you've all been waiting for!!  Joe Nardulli Band is now AD ASTRA (Latin for "To the stars" - inspired by the title of the closing track of my self-titled debut CD) and their debut CD is available now!  Please checkout out for more information and song clips.  We're really happy with how it turned out and are looking forward to getting out there with a bunch of live shows to promote the CD.  Click here to order by Credit Card, PayPal, Google Checkout, etc.  Stay tuned for more updates.

September 10th, 2007 - Many circumstances have forced us to move the release date of the CD to the fall.  We are working diligently to get it to sound as great as possible and don't want to disappoint.  Thanks for all your e-mails seeking info on the release date and for your continued patience.  I'll hopefully have some samples up here soon.  God Bless you all...Joe

July 29th, 2007 - It is with deep sadness that I note the passing of my good friend, multi-instrumentalist and composer extraordinaire, Jose Damien.  Jose (and singer Joe Acaba) was the brain-child of Celestial Oeuvre - the progressive rock band I was honored to have played guitar for on their debut and upcoming second CD.  The second CD was just completed and is being mixed and mastered by the label at the moment.  Working with Jose was one of the highlights of my musical endeavors.  Aside from his astounding talent and compositional prowess, he brought out the best in me and was inspiration incarnate.  He had un-bounding enthusiasm and passion for everything he put his mind to; and yet, he made everyone around him feel at ease with his sweetness and purity of spirit.  When we met, we clicked instantly and could talk about anything.  Jose was a very DEEP guy and was always willing to share his knowledge and his heart.  I only knew Jose for three years but he left a mark on me that I will never forget and will carry with me for all my days.  One of the most amazing human beings I’ve ever met.  God Bless You Jose…I look forward to seeing you again one day!

March 6th, 2007 - The band has finished tracking the CD!  Now it's time for mixing and mastering...we're still shooting for an early Spring release.  Stay tuned for sound clips as we begin the mixing process.  I have again been invited by Celestial Oeuvre to play on their new CD.  The material is, of course, excellent again.  Their first CD was critically acclaimed...check it out!  See you in the Summer for the CD release party and a host of live shows!!

Dec 2006/Jan 2007 - The band has hit the studio (finally!) to record a CD under the full band name (finally again!) Ad Astra (Latin for "to the stars" - see track 9 on the "Joe Nardulli" CD).  We are all very excited about the music.  Tracking will be completed in early 2007 with mixing and mastering thereafter for a Spring 2007 release.  Summer/Fall 2006 was spent handling family/business obligations and such.  Any rehearsals we could fit in were concentrated on completing and honing the compositions for the CD, of which there are 11.  See you in the Spring for the CD release party and a host of live shows!!

April 22nd, 2006 - New show scheduled for Wednesday, May 10th, 2006 - 9PM sharp at Lucky's (formerly Crazy Moose Saloon) in Bayside, Queens. This will also be a reunion night for Nobody's, the "famed" 80's rock club located on Northern Blvd. in Flushing.  I did many gigs there back in the day with Justice, I Spy and Enemy Mind.  Hopefully there will be a lot of familiar faces there.  Hope to see you there too!  We're up on MySpace now...check out and "let's be friends" (God, that's so corny).  We've got another song or two to finish before we start recording the new CD in the coming months.  

February 14th, 2006 - It's been a while since the last update and there's lots of new stuff happening.  We have a show scheduled for Friday, March 10th - 10PM sharp at a new venue for us - The Funky Monkey Lounge in Oceanside, NY.  This "band friendly" club has an excellent sound system in an intimate setting which will be sure to please.  We will be debuting a new tune entitled "Awakening" and are finishing up another one right now which we also hope to have ready for the show.  This will end up being a two set night and we're real excited about building up our repertoire of original material.  We are also trying to put a very special show together at one of Long Island's premiere music venues with two other instrumental bands - "G3 Long Island!".  Details are being ironed out as I type this so stay tuned for an update on that.  And, we are writing tunes for a new CD which we hope to begin recording in the spring for a release later in 2006.  One or two more tunes and we'll be ready!

The Celestial Oeuvre CD has been released to rave reviews and it's a project I'm very proud to be a part of.  Check out the Tunes page for MP3 samples and be sure to check out this full length CD of vocal oriented prog which has been hailed as "the real thing...first-rate Prog Rock".

November 10th, 2005 - A live performance has been scheduled for Friday, November 25th at Canno's Swiss Tavern. 

June 28th, 2005 - Our next live performance has been confirmed for Wednesday, August 10th - 9PM sharp at Lucky's (formerly Crazy Moose Saloon) in Bayside, Queens.  This will be a double bill with Favored Nations (Steve Vai's label) recording artist Rob Balducci Because of the double bill this show will be an early start at 9PM sharp!  We are very excited to be doing a show with Rob and his band as we both hail from Queens, NY and Rob has been carrying the torch for Instrumental Rock in this area for a while now.  He has just released his third CD entitled "The Color of Light"...check it out at

I've also been invited to perform all the lead guitar tracks on an exciting new progressive rock band's upcoming release.  Celestial Oeuvre is the brain child of Jose Damien (Keyboards, Bass, Electric and Acoustic Guitars) and Joe Acaba (Lead and Background Vocals).  Jose is an incredible multi-instrumentalist steeped in the Prog-Rock/Fusion tradition and Joe is a highly stylistic vocalist in the vein of Gentle Giant's Derek Schulman and Queen's Freddie Mercury.  Hector Lopez's drumming is nothing short of fantastic as well and his diverse musical background has added great flavor to the tunes.  We've all clicked very well together musically and have become fast friends in the process.  I feel very honored to be a part of this project as the songs are just awesome.  I really can't wait for everyone to hear this will turn heads.  I've been asked to be a part of the live experience along with JNB bassist Jay Levine.  There is a live date scheduled for Sunday, August 7th with the CD to be released shortly thereafter!  I will post more details shortly.

May 13th, 2005 - The band has been continuing their once/week rehearsals while squeezing in a few open mic nights here and there to keep up the "gig chops."  We've been focusing on writing new material and have finished our very first complete collaboration as a band.  We will be debuting "The Thousandth Man" and hopefully another new tune at our upcoming show on Wednesday, June 8th at Lucky's (formerly Crazy Moose Saloon) in Bayside, Queens on the infamous Bell Blvd. strip.  The club has been completely renovated and has a great rock vibe to it including a blazing new PA! This will be "An Evening With" performance with no other bands and an early 10PM sharp start.   Hope to see you there!

February 6th,  2005 - Happy New Year!!  The next gig is booked for April 2nd, 2005 at Canno's Swiss Tavern - The Un-Official Home of Progressive Rock and Fusion on Long Island!!  The Eric Wollman Band will be opening up again as we had a great time with them last week and it was a great combination of music!  Thanks to those of you that came out.  We hope to be booking a gig for March, so stay tuned.

  December 28th, 2004 - HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! - I hope you're all having a blessed holiday season and an awesome upcoming 2005!  The band has kept up our once-a-week rehearsals, is excited about the newly polished set and even hope to debut a new tune at our next show.  We have a new gig booked for Saturday, January 29th, 2005 at Canno's Swiss Tavern with the incredible fusion ripping of the Eric Wollman Band opening the show!  We are very excited to have Eric's band on the bill with us as he and I have been talking about doing something together for a long time.  His music is incredible and I can't wait to hear them tear it up live.  It will be a night of frenzied musical bliss!  Be sure to get there by 9:30 to catch all the notes that will be flying at you.  Also a note of THANKS to all of you who've been so supportive and always have a nice word to say!

September 29th, 2004 - Joe Nardulli Band (for lack of a better name at the moment) has just booked it's first gig!  Saturday, November 20th, 2004 at Canno's Swiss Tavern.  Hear Joe play with real musicians!  Hear Joe use real amplification - with tubes cookin' in all their glory!  Hear the tunes off the CD (and a couple of new ones) like you've never heard them before!  

September 1st, 2004 - There's an interview/article in the latest issue of Twentieth Century Guitar in the Guitars Center Stage column on page 19 of the September 2004 issue.  Click here to check it out.

August 26th, 2004 - Joe Nardulli BAND!!??!!...Yes everybody, I can't even believe it myself but I have been jamming with some great musicians over the last couple of weeks and it looks like I may have a band together!  I have been blessed by some guys who really dig the material, can play the hell out of it and are making it their own.  Eric Davis on Keyboards, Jay "Byrd" Levine on Bass and David Penna on Drums have made it fun to play with people again.  We hope to debut the band in about a month.  Not really into the ego trip, I may now have to think of a name for this project.  Any suggestions e-mail me at

June 8th, 2004 - I just received a last minute invitation to open for Magic Elf at "Carl Roa's Rock-Fusion Night" at Canno's Swiss Tavern on Thursday, June 10th.  And don't forget, the SHREDFEST in Rochester, NY on Saturday June 26th at Steel Music Hall.  Also performing that night will be Magic Elf, Joe Stump and Reggie Hendrix - a cousin of Jimi's!  Hope to see you there.

May 17th, 2004 - Some new reviews posted on the Tunes page...exciting stuff!  I've been invited to perform at the SHREDFEST in Rochester, NY on Saturday June 26th at Steel Music Hall.  Also performing that night will be Magic Elf, Joe Stump and Reggie Hendrix - a cousin of Jimi's!

March 23rd, 2004 - New LIVE SHOW just announced!  Friday, April 2nd at Canno's Swiss Tavern opening for Magic Elf.  It's been over three months since my last full-set live appearance, so I'm really looking forward to it!  Hope to see you there!

March 19th, 2004 - Two more internet radio stations are playing the CD now: Project Eternity is a Christian based, hour long Progressive Rock show based out of Australia.  They broadcast across the Australian continent and simulcast on the internet at at 7:30 am EST.  Also, Progressive Soundscapes Radio - a 24 hour Progressive Rock internet station.  I had them on for about an hour the other night and they were playing some amazing music!   Online hard rock retailer - "The loudest site on the web!", is carrying the CD now. 

February 27th, 2004 - - online Progressive Rock CD retailer, has posted a cool review of my CD and also has it available for sale.  They have excellent stock of new and upcoming prog rock bands as well as older, rarer material.  Check 'em out!  Look for upcoming reviews in Progression Magazine "the world's largest, longest-running English-language publication devoted exclusively to the coverage of progressive rock and related subgenres," and Twentieth Century Guitar magazine.  Check back for updates on that.  Also, three internet radio stations are playing the CD!  Check out Philly Kid's Guitar Shop, Randy Allar's Friday Afternoon Fusion Show and Delicious Agony Progressive Rock Radio

January 29th, 2004 - Happy New Year!  I have recently completed my press kit so packages have been going out to the distributors, magazines and radio stations that cater to Progressive Rock and Fusion.  I had the honor of having two songs, "Make It So" and "NY Drama", featured on Philly Kid's Guitar Shop last night!  Every Wednesday from 4 - 6 PM PST (that's 7 - 9 PM EST) Philly Kid spins excellent guitar based music.  Mostly instrumental and an EXCELLENT variety of tunes.  Be sure to check it out as they do live streaming right off the web!  Other than that, looking forward to setting up some live gigs for the new year and hopefully getting a band together.

December 1st, 2003 - Check out a cool of review of the CD on Progressive Rock and Fusion website...Thanks guys!!  I've also updated the Tunes page to include all the various reviews that have been coming in.

November 10th, 2003 - The holiday madness is upon us so mark your calendar for my next live appearance on Saturday, December 20th at Canno's Swiss Tavern opening for Magic Elf again.  Yeah, we love that place and it's become our home.  This show promises to be a holiday event as I'm sure you'll hear a prog/fusion version of a Christmas tune or two, not to mention any new songs that the Elves and I may have up our sleeves!!  Hope to see you there!

October 2nd, 2003 - Well, the summer's over and it was a great one!  The CD finally came out, I got to play a good number of gigs opening for the always awesome Magic Elf and I met a bunch of really cool people at all the shows.  Thanks to everyone who came out for last Saturday's gig and all your positive comments.  I got to debut a new tune called "Hiding the One" and it went over real well.  Speaking of shows, my next performance is scheduled for Saturday, November 1st at Canno's Swiss Tavern opening for Magic Elf again.  Yeah, we love that place and it's become our home.  I've updated the links page with a few more good friends and their doings.  On a sad note, the fusion community lost one of its premiere guitar players last week.  Shawn Lane passed away at the all too young age of 40.  He was a big influence on me and I'll continue to spread the word about his music and he will live on through his work…the greatest gift.

August 25th, 2003 - There's a cool review of the CD at Royal Jam Music...check it out!!  I recently purchased a new guitar.  It's a Brian Moore C55P.  I've wanted a Brian Moore guitar since they first came out about ten years's great to finally have one!  There's a picture of it up on the Gear page.  There are some great live shots on the Shows page taken by my old Junior HS friend, Stu of Stuart's great to have gotten reacquainted with him through Magic Elf.  Also on the Shows page is a new live performance announcement for Saturday, September 27th at Canno's Swiss Tavern in Lynbrook, NY, opening for the always amazing Magic Elf.  I hope to see you all there!!

July 28th, 2003 - The Gear page is up with a detailed listing of all of Joe's toys.  It also includes a link to his latest Custom PedalBoard designed and built for Carl Roa of Magic Elf fame.  E-mail Joe to get your own!  The Home page has been updated to include the cool things people are saying about the CD.  The next show is this Saturday, August 2nd at Canno's Swiss Tavern in Lynbrook, there!!!  

July 1st, 2003 - Joe has finally completed his self-titled debut CD!  It will soon be available via the internet at Guitar Nine Records.  Stay tuned for more website goodies and future live appearances.  Contact him, he'd love to hear your comments/suggestions/critiques.  Thanks for your support!


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