Live with a band

MESA/Boogie Mark IIC - This awesome amp receives a straight guitar signal. Speaker output goes to a 2x12 cabinet or two separate 2x12 cabinets, depending on venue size, for the dry sound. A second speaker output feeds the:

Rocktron Allan Holdsworth Juice Extractor - A speaker to line level signal attenuator. Takes the speaker output of an amplifier and gives you six line level outputs for driving effects, PAs, mixing boards, tape inputs, etc. Has two pre-set speaker frequency response curve settings (one designed by Allan Holdsworth himself) as well as a three band parametric EQ and Rocktron's famous HUSH II noise reduction circuitry. I take two outputs from this unit and feed the:

Alesis Quadraverb - Multi Effects unit. Stereo out of this unit into the:

MESA/Boogie Stereo Simul-Class 295 - 30 WRMS class A via two EL34s per channel and 95 WRMS Simul-Class via 2 EL34s and 2 6L6s per channel. This amplifies the wet guitar sound for true stereo effects. One speaker output per side feeds either a 2x12 stereo cabinet or two separate 2x12 cabinets depending on venue size.

Casio VZ-10M Synthesizer - Rackmount sound module controlled by the:

MIDI Step - MIDI Controller. Customized by yours truly to contain footswitches for the MESA/Boogie Mark IIC+ (rhythm/lead channels) and Alesis Quadraverb program advance. I like it uncluttered and simple on stage. But all that may change shortly because of the:

KORG NX5R - Sound module which I plan to drive with a guitar synth pickup of some sort. I'm currently shopping around for a synth capable guitar.

Lexicon LXP-5 - I like these so much, I have two! Multi Effects unit which will most likely be used for acoustic effects driven by the new guitar I'm shopping around for (see above) which will also have a piezo pickup for acoustic sounds.

"BOOGIEMAN" rack filler panel - Custom made by "Garage Kept" Queens based stand-up philosopher Joe "Babe" Amarose. My penchant for the MESA/Boogie amplifier line inspired him to make me this conversation piece.

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